About Us

About Us

We're not part of a denominational organization because such organizations are nowhere to be found in God's Word.

We are simply a group of Christians.

If you ask us, "What kind of Christians?" We would love to spend time with you reading from God's word to answer that, because we are just Christians. God gave believers that name in the beginning when the church began (1 Pet. 4:16; Acts 11:26), so why would we wear any other name?

We are a completely independent group of Christians and our loyalty is to no person,  group, or to any man-made organization. We wear the name of Christ because it is Christ whom we serve, and our aim is to follow His teaching in the 21st century just as loyal Christians of the 1st century did.

As for creeds, we have none other than the Bible itself.

Creeds are written by men; they elevate one truth above another and by their nature they cause division. We accept all of the Bible as truth and are determined to follow only the Bible, the word of God, with deep respect for God's authority, so that we may love God by keeping His commandments (John 15:14).